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Grid modernization software applications

Enhanced reliability, resiliency and security of the distribution grid, adoption of decentralized energy sources and installation of smarter devices brings new complexity in the planning and operation activities for electric utilities.

Eaton’s CYME advanced software applications allow fast and decisive action to support the deployment of new technology and the power engineering analysis involved in developing new operational strategies. 

Grid modernization software applications
Advanced algorithms
Leverage telemetry via state estimation & fault location
Non-wires alternatives
Long-term planning with batteries, PVs & energy demand management
Technology deployment
Distribution automation & DER integration assessment

Core features

  • Distribution system analysis includes all generation sources
  • Powerful algorithms for efficient analysis
  • Identify and isolate probable faults during planning
  • Additional modules support advanced simulation of the entire network
  • Analyze implementation scenarios, risks and costs associated with modernization projects

Design and modeling

Defining the types of customers and loads on the system and specifying the various generation models is the cornerstone to a complete and accurate analysis. Eaton's CYME software supports modeling of new devices, power sources, microgrids, power electronics and storage.

Powerful distribution system analysis

As power systems transition to two-way flow systems, accurate analysis must include all generation sources. Eaton’s CYME software algorithms provide an efficient means for creating accurate system analyses.

Meet the challenges of DER systems

Distribution systems become more complex with the interconnection of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and the addition of power electronics and controls. Eaton’s CYME software applications support the advanced simulation of the entire network to allow detailed and reliable modeling.
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