Smart data harvesting in machines and systems

Simplify wiring and connectivity

More and more machines are equipped with additional sensors or smart devices with integrated measuring functionality inside and outside of the control cabinet. To reduce the overall wiring and integration effort for these devices, our SmartWire-DT intelligent wiring system offers a seamless plug and play  solution that is easily integrated with standard fieldbus systems, while notably reducing cost and installation effort. 

See how intelligent wiring improves machines and systems

Intelligent wiring reduces the build time of machines and systems, while providing data to improve performance.

Improving and facilitating plant and factory automation

Plants need multiple drives, control and pilot devices to be designed, installed and controlled, along with distributed sensors and actuators, inside and outside of the control cabinet. Automation of the process environment can be quite challenging, especially if continuous process availability is required.

Our SmartWire-DT platform is an intelligent wiring system that easily provides data from installed devices with integrated sensing functionalities. A pre-condition for preventative maintenance and increased availability.

Intelligent devices delivering the data required for Industry 4.0

Intelligent devices and open communication standards are essential to solutions true to an Industry 4.0 vision. They have to be able to communicate with every controller within an open architecture, while also controlling specific distributed processes independently.

With our SmartWire-DT platform and intelligent devices, we are bringing Industry 4.0 to life. These intelligent devices help you run your businesses on a lean, smart and efficient platform and take another step toward realizing a complete Industry 4.0 solution.

How our customers build machines and systems with intelligent wiring

After completing an in-depth analysis, I was both convinced and delighted. The potato sorting plant is an ideal project to fully utilize the benefits of SmartWire-DT.

Sebastian Gormanns, CEO Schaltanlagen Gormanns

Sorting plant – fully automated with SmartWire-DT

More customer stories on how to facilitate plant and factory automation

Intelligent wiring components and easily combinable smart devices

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