Electrical equipment of machines: an overview of the updated European standard

Download white paper, about the update of EN60204-1

The new edition of 2019 of EN 60204-1 contains some relevant innovations that must be considered when configuring a machine or system. These apply, in particular, to devices that interrupt the power supply in order to prevent unexpected start-up, as well as to residual-current devices (RCDs) and to the activation of the stop function of frequency inverters (by switching off power in the event of an emergency stop). In addition, the new version of the EN 60204-1 standard requires that the rated short-circuit current of all electrical equipment must be determined and specified. Before installing the switchgear, it is now also necessary to carry out a heat calculation and to draw up a heat balance. Changes have also been made to the sections pertaining to documentation and testing requirements.

The white paper on updating EN 60204-1 informs about all new features and gives practical tips for easy implementation.

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