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IEEE 1584 standard updates

On November 30 2018, IEEE published updates to IEEE 1584, IEEE Guide for Performing Arc-Flash Hazard Calculations. The guide, updated for the first time since 2002, provides a new mathematical model to determine arc flash hazard incident energies and boundaries. The new 2018 guide is based on more than 1800 laboratory tests, compared to just 300 tests for the 2002 model. The result is a new mathematical model and calculation procedure that is more comprehensive, accurate and complex than before. 
More comprehensive
Based on >1500 more studies than the 2002 version
More accurate
Now includes locations less than or equal to 240 V
More complex
Expanded electrode configuration and equipment dimensions recommended

IEEE 1584-2018: What you need to know

The updated guide, IEEE Std 1584-2018 is more comprehensive, accurate and complex than before and is the first update since 2002. Added locations, electrode configurations and specific equipment dimensions and complex calculations need to be considered for to keep your resources safe and control costs.
Active involvement
Helped to craft IEEE 1584-2018
Deep experience
>2,500 arc flash studies conducted each year
Nationwide footprint
>140 power system engineers in North America

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