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Project business: How Eaton delivers Emergency Lighting solutions for every individual building

We make peace of mind work

  • DualGuard-S System: We make your Emergency Lighting future proof
  • Individual: We deliver solutions adapted to your needs
  • VisionGuard: Our powerful visualization software
  • CyberSecurity: We help you to secure your network
  • Our specialists: We support you at each step of your project

(Recorded on 28 September 2020)


We make peace of mind work: How Eaton innovates to make Electrical Distributors and their customers' life easier 

Find out how Eaton makes your business easier

  • Do more with less order codes with our new “One Box” solutions
  • Innovations for faster and easier installation and maintenance of luminaires
  • Offer a wide luminaire portfolio covering all applications
  • Discover how we can support you with promotional actions, digital tools or trainings 

(Recorded on 29 September 2020)


eMobility: Enabling vehicle electrification and smart charging

Learn how electric vehicle technology is evolving and how Eaton is uniquely positioned to design the electric vehicles of tomorrow. (Recorded on 04 May 2020.)


Flexibility: Enabling flexible and environmentally friendly power flow

With full electrification and digitalisation, the economy will become even more dependent on a reliable electricity supply. Our products make this possible. (Recorded on 06 May 2020.)


Factory of the Future

Watch this webinar recording to learn how Eaton can help you transform your manufacturing facility into a "Factory of the Future". (Recorded on 07 May 2020.)

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