Assembly Solutions - Value Added Services
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Assembly Solutions - Value Added Services

VAS and lean production

Customers today are global consumers.

They make purchase decision online, buy anytime and anywhere.

And, with the number of consumers increasing worldwide, successful manufacturers must be able to quickly respond to rapidly changing preferences and demand.

 Thy is why defining a lean production strategy is fundamental.

But defining a lean strategy in the production without an adequate knowledge can be challenging. It is a process that requires not only an in-depth knowledge of lean production but also a clear understanding of the manufacturing environment.

Eaton has the necessary expertise, uses a proven methodology and make them both available to your business. We collaborate with you to streamline and simplify your sourcing-processes and ease the component integration, which drives down your costs and lets you focus on your core competencies. 

Value Added Services (VAS) give you a competitive edge

Core features

  • Advance lean practices in your supply chain
  • Simplify sourcing and ordering processes
  • Improve assembly configurations
  • Optimize engineering processes
  • Bring down total cost
  • Achieve consistent solutions from a single, trusted source

Optimizing production and processes - Discover Lean production

The following whitepaper addresses the subject and explains how to apply the concepts into practice. The information within and the optimization potentials it offers, enables particularly small- and medium-sized manufacturing to react to current and future challenges and strengthen their competitiveness. 
This whitepaper contains an expert interview with Dr. Reinhard, who as Professor of Turnaround Management and Outsourcing highlights the link between theory and practice and talks about his experiences of many years in Lean Production. 

Product assemblies

We preassemble OUR components and, if you require it, install them on YOUR enclosure/DIN rail/mounting plate and have the final assembly delivered to You ready for installation


In addition, they will already be complete with wiring

SmartWire-DT solutions

This flat green cable connects the elements in series with a simple click

Pre-programmed Drivers/ Softstarters/HMI/PLC

We load your software on the ordered devices

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