Optimizing power generation and distribution for utilities

Prepare for the transition to an energy system dominated by renewable generation and the mass electrification of transport, heat and industrial processes

Reduce cost, risk and carbon intensity of integrating growing distributed renewable generation and electrical loads

Operating the distribution network and supply of energy to end users has never been more complex and challenging. It’s no longer enough for utilities to simply provide reliable electrical power. Steep declines in the cost of renewable energy and Lithium-Ion batteries combined with government clean air and carbon reduction targets are accelerating the transition to a zero-carbon energy future. As the share of variable renewables in the generation mix increases along with new electrical loads at the edge, so does the need for more flexibility and network intelligence to optimize bi-directional power flows both in front and behind the meter. All this requires a completely new approach to the design and management of distribution networks as well as changes to grid regulation required to incentivize private investment in the flexibility required to address the challenge of renewable intermittency.

Challenges and opportunities for Africa Utilities.

A new white paper from Eaton

In this white paper we share new economic data and perspectives on what the transition to a zero carbon energy system means for utilities, how we are helping our customers to adapt and what this means for your business. We hope this paper will help provide you with some fresh insights and ideas to help you on this journey and look forward to discussing and sharing your perspectives over the coming years.


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Enabling electrification and flexibility

The energy transition is accelerating the transformation of distribution network operators (DNOs) to distribution service operators (DSOs). DSOs will play a pivotal role in managing growing bi-directional electron flows between proliferating sources of distributed generation and new, power hungry electrical loads such as EVs and data centers. Recent BloombergNEF economic reports commissioned by Eaton and Statkraft demonstrate clearly that in this new world of distributed energy and mass electrification, the grid has never been more important. In addition, flexibility offered by energy storage, microgrids, smart-charging electric vehicles, demand response and interconnectors must be the cornerstone of a stable and cost-effective grid in the future. Over several years, Eaton has worked with utilities and energy users across Europe to develop pioneering technologies and working systems across all these use cases.

EV charging infrastructure

Eaton provides systems that can help commercial and industry building owners who want to optimize their solar self-consumption with energy storage and unlock additional revenue opportunities by selling power for electric vehicle charging

The original SF6-free switchgear company

The European Commission will soon issue its decision on when the SF6 ban exemption for its use in switchgear will end. It is therefore vital that utilities start planning now for a future where the use of this extremely harmful greenhouse gas will be banned across the EU. Eaton has been a pioneer in the development of SF6-free switchgear since 1960. Today, Eaton’s SF6-free medium voltage switchgear systems are used in over 60 countries across the world in a wide range of applications. Benefits include low life-time operating costs and a proven ability to switch many thousands of times without fault – important for renewable energy applications where switchgear supports an active grid with frequent bi-directional flows of electricity.

A global leader in building and electrical safety

Safety affects everyone and everything in your facility, and in some cases your facility’s surrounding environment. Our solutions enable you to remotely monitor and control safety systems, enhance worker protection from arc flash events, protect against thermal and fire incidents, reduce environmental impact and improve delivery efficiency.

Cyber security

Keeping systems up and running is vital to your profitability. We can help make your infrastructure smarter by integrating equipment with enterprise-level software for a dynamic, resilient and cyber-secure grid that reduces delivery interruption. In the event of unpredictable weather, our specialized grid reconfiguration system can help reduce the delivery interruption frequency and duration during changing conditions. In addition, we can help optimize distributed generation resources and extend the life of existing assets.

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