Machine control for material handling applications

For factories and distribution centers, control systems for material handling and logistic systems must provide the highest availability and unmatched flexibility. With products that are modular in design and installed quickly, you can be sure that your product will reliablity move through your process.

Modular material handling systems

No matter if your material handling or conveying systems are in airports, warehouses, on the production line or in a gravel plant, it is often the lifeline of your daily operations. Material handling systems are increasingly complex and frequently changing. We can help you design and build intelligent, modular systems that are easy to operate and service, so that you can keep your promises on product lead times.

Modularity in baggage handling and high profile warehouses

Building modules of the mechanical elements of the conveyor - the motor, the gearbox and the motor starter or drive - has become standard in material handling systems. Working with global leading baggage handling and warehouse companies, our distributed drive and protection technologies deliver luggage and material on-time all over the world. Fast and easy implementation, smart communication and easy serviceability help operators around the world keep their systems available.

Modularity in production logistics and small warehouses

The unmatched advantages of modular material handling systems with distributed control units also apply in smaller installations. The EasyE4 controller is ideally designed for this task. It can be combined with smart motor starters like the PKE and drives like the PowerXL DG1 that provide efficient motor control and process data to reduce system downtime. Supported by the our application engineering team and global channel network, the creation of customized systems for your application becomes an easy exercise.

Load dependent control of bulk conveyors

Conveying bulk material is a variable task. Transported loads can vary enormously depending on the environment. In open space installations, even weather conditions like heavy rain or frost can influence the system load. The PKE motor starter and PowerXL drives with integrated sensing enable system integrators to build bulk conveying systems optimized for performance. Our SmartWire-DT intelligent wiring system not only provides valuable data for automated process control, it also reduces installation costs and enables system integrators to deliver their projects with the lowest total cost of ownership.