Bulk material handling

Throughput and uptime are essential to your mining operation. If your equipment goes down, so do your profits. Optimize effiency and protect your operation from equipment failure to keep your operation up and running.

Keep your equipment running reliably

Ownership costs for bulk material handling equipment are exceedingly high. From bucket excavators and belt wagons to stackers and reclaimers, your capital is tied to assets that are pushed to the limit every day. Because your equipment is constantly exposed to harsh, dusty environments, reliability, service and safety are ongoing concerns. Excessive equipment boom bounce can cause frame twist. Power consumption is high. Throughput and uptime drive your success. If your operation goes down, so do your profits.

Boom stability

Increase throughput without sacrificing reliability or safety

You shouldn't have to sacrifice safety to realize efficiency in your operations. We provide solutions that optimize your process and your investment. Our E-houses get you up and running and make maintenance easier and faster. Our energy-efficient piston pumps deliver high pressure, high efficiency, precise control and durability for moving ore and minerals. LED lighting significantly reduces energy and maintenance costs. Our medium-voltage bus is fully insulated and protected from the environment to ensure maximum uptime, operational consistency and safety, and predictive maintenance programs prevent "failure" while maximizing product lifecycles.

Advancing safety and reliabilty for years of productive service

See how we engineered a circuit protection solution for Becker Mining America to optimize their conveyor system.