More intelligent transmission and distribution

Today's utilities need to carry a heavier load than ever before and rely more on smart technologies. Let us help you leverage that intelligence to drive efficiency, reliability and productivity.

Smart solutions for secure, reliable and efficient power distribution

Unpredictable weather events. An aging grid. Ever-changing technology. Cyber attacks. These are today's power distribution challenges. Our products and services are designed to automate, protect and optimize against the challenging demands of a modern, digitized electrical grid.

Transform your business with smart technology

As we move from an aging grid to an effective and completely modernized grid, you need to proactively focus on rapidly changing technology. Data and analytics hold the power to transform your business and lay the groundwork for the smart grid of tomorrow. We'll help you meet global requirements for overhead and underground power distribution with products and expertise that span medium voltage standard and arc-resistant switchgear to smart monitoring and control solutions.

Modernizing capacitor bank controls

Eaton technologies helped simply operations and improve communications while maintaining compatibility with Kansas City Power & Light legacy field applications.

How our IoT thinking is advancing power management

We're innovating with Intelligent Power management by investing even more in our people and technologies that will impact your products, processes and bottom line.