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Eaton Proving Grounds

Tucked away among the rolling fields in Marshall, Michigan, Eaton has more than 600 acres of testing facilities and tracks that support the needs of our automotive and heavy duty truck customers. 

In 1969, Eaton purchased land in Marshall, Michigan which would later become the Eaton proving grounds. This site houses our operational, engineering and testing centers for supercharger, differential, and valvetrain components.

At the proving grounds, we use specialized testing equipment to validate engine and transmission performance, verify component performance and durability, perform dimensional inspection, and test for vehicle noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) compliance. We also have a complete standards and calibration laboratory. 

Our facility features both on- and off-road testing capabilities so that we can prove our products' performance in real-world conditions, including:

  • 1.6 mile oval track
  • Rally course
  • 20% grade split mu
  • Roller pad
  • Angled rollers
  • Moguls
  • Beam climb
  • 45% and 60% hill climb
  • Straight twist ditch
  • Serpentine twist ditch
  • Rock crawl
  • Mud pit
  • Log walk
  • Swamp course

Differential testing

Beyond outdoor testing, our facilities allow us to measure gear impact and fatigue, housing fatigue, total performance, and overall durability, leading to the strongest differentials on the market.

Supercharger Validation

In addition to dyno and endurance testing (involving multiple weeks of continuous operation), we lab test performance throughout the power band to optimize performance and efficiency.