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Logic and I/O legacy products

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ELC series PLCs | XI/ON remote I/O

ELC series PLC

Designed using the latest technology, the Eaton Logic Controllers (ELCs) are small and feature-rich. An abundance of module options allow users to specify their ELC solution so that it is "just right," satisfying requirements and saving space, time and money.

ELCM modular brick PLCs

ELCM is a member of the ELC portfolio of controllers, the midrange family comprises “brick-style” controllers, with expansion I/O modules. Expansion modules can optionally be used to increase the total number of I/O, to provide a mix of different types of I/O, or both. These controllers include an embedded AC power supply and provide up to 400 mA of DC sensor power. Each controller supports two RS-485 Modbus serial (master/node) and one RS-232 programming port.

ELC modular PLCs

At less than half the size of most programmable logic controllers, the ELC Modular Controllers are an ideal solution when space is at a premium and there are specialized I/O needs. Any number of expansion modules can be added to create up to 256 I/O. Communication modules allow information sharing with networked devices.

ELCSoft programming software

ELCSoft programming software configures all Eaton Logic Control (ELC) controllers. With ELCSoft, applications can be created, edited and monitored. Move programs from one controller to another with ease. Program in ladder, sequential function chart or instruction language. It is the single program to develop ELC controller applications. ELCSoft is also used to configure the DeviceNet master and Modbus TCP Ethernet modules.

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XI/ON remote I/O

XI/ON remote I/O

The powerful XI/ON I/O system includes two series of I/O modules: the XN and the XNE. The XN series features highly granular modularity, with hot swappable plug-in modules, and the XNE series features integrated I/O modules and bases in higher-density configurations. XI/ON is designed for decentralized signal processing and provides intelligent, adaptable I/O for applications across industries.
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