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Power system software applications

Network protection is key to mitigate the risks in an interconnected power system and enhance the reliability of the power supply while contributing to the resilience of the system itself. Proper protection equipment modeling is an essential task for the power engineer. 

Power system software applications
Risk mitigation
Evaluate & design protection schemes
Arc hazard level evaluation
Safeguard personnel from arc flash hazards
Reliability assessment
Reduce power outages & improve SAIFI & SAIDI

Core features

  • Protection analyses covering device coordination, loading, reach, minimum fault protection and sequence of operation
  • Overcurrent protection with time-current curve plots from a curve library hosting more than 100,000 curves from manufacturers
  • Arc flash hazard studies compliant with industry standards to calculate incident energy level
  • Reduction in protective reach, sympathetic tripping and minimum fault protection verification for DER hosting and impact studies
  • One-line diagram color-coding schemes to pinpoint the protection issue at hand

Validate network protection scheme

Proper selection and sizing of protective devices are key to reducing the impact caused by network faults and minimizing equipment failures.

Improving risk management

Risk management and prevention have always been important aspects of safety programs within the electric industry. Proper assessment of arc flash risk level according to industry-recognized standards is necessary to ensure a safer work environment and minimize operational downtime.

DER impact on network protection

The installation of distributed energy resources can cause two-way flows and have an impact on traditional protection schemes. Identify potential sympathetic tripping, reduction of protective reach and minimum fault clearance issues caused by DER on the system.
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