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Heating, cooling and clean air

Delivering perfect environments is fundamental for office and production sites. It is a pre-condition for productivity, product quality and a healthy workspace.

Controlling the environment for productivity and comfort

In production processes, heating and cooling can be essential to ensure product quality and safety, like for storing food. At offices or public buildings, like shopping centers, the environment not only drives comfort, is an essential factor for health and safety.

Energy efficient HVAC systems, from planning to operation

Variable speed ventilation and cooling options have proven to provide excellent TCO in different projects. Applications can be built with direct-on-line (DOL) starters, like the intelligent PKE, or with variable speed drives like the PowerXL DG1 that provide industry leading low energy consumption. In the planning and implementation phases, our SmartWire-DT intelligent wiring system can also help to notably reduce project time and installation costs.

Plug it in! Energy saved and data insights provided.

When the exhaust-air system of a university had to be renewed, the 2-speed Eaton solution not only consumed less energy, but also provided data insight and improved uptime.

Removing smoke when others start trundling

When smoke is detected and lives are in danger, the reliable operation of the exhaust ventilation becomes critical. Fire mode enables our PowerXL DG1 variable speed frequency inverter to run even in conditions where others would stop. And even if it ends up being a false alarm, the drive pays back in normal operation with an unmatched energy efficiency that reduces the overall carbon footprint of the facility.

Pumping or ventilation delivered when it counts

Since Germany-based Schneider Feuerschutz began using PowerXL DG1 drive for their firefighting system, they can not only optimize cost by using smaller generators, but the complexity of the total system was reduced.

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