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Roadranger customer support phone tree

Roadranger Help Line: 1-800-826-4357

Quick Phone Menu
Sales Place an order or check availability 1,1
Follow up on existing orders 1,2
Extended protection plans and lubricants 1,3
Part identification or general parts assistance 1,4
Automated Transmissions Endurant 2,1
Procision 2,2
UltraShift PLUS and SmartAdvantage 2,3
Hybrid 2,4
All other automated transmissions 2,5
Mechanical Transmissions FR, FA, and RT Series 3
Clutches Endurant clutches 4,1
UltraShift PLUS and SmartAdvantage ECA clutches 4,2
DM clutches 4,3
Advantage, Solo, and Easy Pedal clutches 4,4
Service Ranger Assistance Purchase or Renewal 5,1
Program Installation and Navigation Support 5,2
Website and account management 5,3
IntelliConnect Assistance All inquiries 5,4
Heavy Duty Axles Dana, Eaton 6
All other inquiries   7