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S811+ soft starter

The S811+ from Eaton's Moeller series is one of the world's smallest and most compact soft starters. The devices are available in five sizes, with rated currents from 37 A to 850 A and mains voltages from 200 V to 690 V. Thanks to the three-phase control system, the internal bypass and the extensive monitoring and protection features, the S811+ ensures smooth starts and safe continuous operation, even in applications with high load torques. A digital operating and display panel enables advanced functions for more sophisticated applications. The special pump-control algorithm with prolonged soft-stop ramp effectively prevents water hammer when stopping a pump. In addition, both in-line and delta configurations are possible. As the S811+ only has to handle about 58 % of the rated motor current, it is possible to use a much smaller device than would otherwise be the case.

Space-saving design
compact design and delta configuration
Integrated communications
Modbus RTU on board
Safe continuous operation
comprehensive monitoring & protection features

Core features

  •  A compact, space-saving design that is also cost-effective
  •  By preventing abrupt starts and stops, the S811+ extends the mechanical life of your application and reduces the maintenance costs for V-belts and gears
  •  Lower inrush currents and peak demand charges
  •  Comprehensive monitoring features
  • Overload protection

Versatile use for maximum functionality

The S811+ soft starter offers a wide range of application options. Among others, it can be used for pump, compressor and fan applications. In addition, the S811+ soft starter is also the ideal option for ensuring that the drives used to power conveyor belts, mixers, mills, or circular and band saws function as efficiently as possible. The compact size saves both space and costs, so that more drives can be installed inside each control cabinet. By preventing abrupt starts and stops, the devices prolong the mechanical life of the entire system.

DIM - digital interface module

The DIM digital display and operating panel further enhances the functionality of the S811+. The operating panel comes with a language-neutral, back-lit LCD display. The integrated function keys make it easy to operate and configure, and they can also be used to configure the system parameters. The DIM carries out diagnostic and monitoring functions and is equipped with a display for data readings and error messages.

Water hammer

The special pump algorithm of the S811+ soft starter prevents water hammer, which typically occurs when shutting down a pump. The algorithm detects the condition of the pump, causing the soft starter to follow a special non-linear characteristic to avoid water hammer. This technology is different from a soft starter with a normal ramp function and thus offers more effective protection for pump and piping systems. The black curve in the diagram shows how pump stop is implemented with the S811+, compared to a DOL starter with contactor and a conventional soft starter.
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