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DILMT contactors

Eaton's Moeller series DILMT contactors offer a space-saving alternative in machine building applications. They can be integrated into a wide range of applications - in a manner that is both efficient and saves space. Available in four compact sizes, they cover the current range from 7 A to 95 A. They can be used to start motors up to 45 kW or to switch industrial loads. In addition to non-motorised applications (AC-1), the DILMT contactors can also be used to switch and protect asynchronous machines (AC3), if used in combination with a directly mounted ZBT overload relay. Thanks to the high number of operating cycles (up to 1,500,000), the DILMT contactors are a reliable and efficient component in any machine or system.

space savings up to 40 %
Current range:
7 A to 95 A
Service life:
1,000,000 operations

Core features

  • Flexible auxiliary contact configuration
  • Up to 3 front-mounted auxiliary contacts are possible
  • Side-mounting auxiliary contact
  • Suppressor circuit
  • Mechanical interlock
  • ZBT overload relay
  • Widths of 27 mm, 36 mm, 55 mm and 72 mm
  • Current ranges of 12 A, 32 A, 65 A and 95 A.

Five in the space of three!

The compact size of the DILMT contactor enables space savings of up to 40 percent. Up to five DILMT contactors can be installed inside the control panel, where they only take up as much space as three conventional, less compact contactors.

Extremely compact, efficient and flexible

The DILMT series comes in four different sizes; additionally, a ZBT overload relay with up to 97 A can be directly mounted on any of the devices. Flexible auxiliary contact configurations are possible, in line with the specific requirements of the application at hand. This means that the DILMT contactor can be deployed in a targeted and application-specific manner.

Technology that’s tried and tested, based on more than 100 years’ experience

With the new compact and simple DILMT devices, Eaton is expanding its existing range of DILM contactors.
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