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ARCON® arc-fault protection system

Regards of all the preliminary protective measures you take, arc faults may still occur in electrical energy distribution systems. You therefore need to implement suitable measures to prevent the occurrence of these extremely serious events and the damage they may cause, for example by opting for ARCON®, Eaton's arc-fault protection system.

Rated short-time withstand current
Icw up to 150 kA/200 ms
arc mitigation time
≤ 2 ms
system integration compliant with
IEC/TR 61641:2014 Ed.3

Core features

  • ARCON® is suitable for low-voltage switchgear assemblies up to 690 V AC/50 Hz
  • System arc mitigation time ≤ 2 ms
  • At the lowest threshold setting, ARCON® protects against arcs at a pick-up level of Ipc arc = 7.5 kA (Ipc arc max. = 100 kA)
  • Rated short-time withstand current Icw of the quenching device (at an operating voltage of 415 V AC):
    - 85 kA / 1 s
    - 105 kA / 500 ms
    - 150 kA / 200 ms
  • Integrated self-monitoring of the entire system to prevent unplanned downtime
  • The xEnergy low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assembly with integrated ARCON® meets criteria 1-7 of IEC/TR 61641:2014 Ed.3 for personnel and assembly protection
  • Full personnel protection even if the doors are open, e.g. during maintenance
  • The arc-quenching device (ARC-AT) has been tested and verified according to IEC 60947-9-1:2019 (latest standard for active arc-fault mitigation systems - arc-quenching devices)


Work Safe - safe solutions far beyond IEC standards

Available with Eaton's low-voltage distribution systems up to 7100 A for commercial and industrial buildings - protecting personnel and equipment.

ARCON® is still the fastest arc-fault mitigation system available on the market.

Eaton, Power management company

Electrical safety

Understanding the risk of arc-flash events in your switchgear assemblies is the first step towards protecting your people and your business. Find out how you can protect your staff, business and reputation from the risk of an arc flash.

Enhanced personnel protection

The ARCON® arc-fault protection system is used wherever enhanced personal protection is required that goes above and beyond the requirements of the relevant standards.

ARCON® also protects your system

The effects of an arc fault will put a low-voltage switchboard systems out of operation for several weeks. If a redundant power supply is not available, this will also result in unplanned downtime. The only solution is effective system protection to minimise the effects of an arc fault and get your system back up and running. ARCON® restricts the effects of the arc fault to its foot points, and after the cause of the fault has been rectified and the quenching device has been replaced, the system can be back up and running in the shortest possible time in order to ensure the required level of availability.

The effects of arc faults are extremely serious

The effects of arc faults are extremely serious and range from personal injuries to massive damage to the switchgear, which may cause the system to come to a complete standstill for weeks at a time and may even necessitate the complete replacement of the switchgear. Our research indicates that ARCON® significantly reduces the risk of personal injuries.

The most common causes of an arc fault are:

  • Human error when working on switchgear
  • Bridging between conductors caused by rodents or conductive objects such as tools or metal parts
  • Dirt or condensation
  • Overvoltages
  • Incorrectly dimensioned switching devices
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