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Eaton Power Xpert dashboard

The Power Xpert Dashboard is the user portal to Eaton’s switchgear, motor control centres, switchboards and panelboards. A state-of-the-art multi-touch HMI provides the user with a touchscreen interface showing the elevation view, one-line diagrams, energy usage and timeline of the assembly line-up. The Power Xpert Dashboard allows users to monitor, diagnose and control devices from a safe location outside the arc flash boundary.

Core features of the Power Xpert Dashboard

  • Factory configuration into your power distribution system provides ease of installation, use and maintenance
  • Remote notification dramatically decreases time to find and repair electrical system problems
  • Remote monitoring and safe distance control, keeps operators safe and removes them from the dangerous arc flash zone
  • Predictive maintenance improves system uptime

Which monitoring solution is right for you?

Switchgear Operator Safety

Panelboard and switchboard monitoring

Eaton’s Power Xpert Dashboard Lite (PXDBL) interacts with low-voltage panelboards and switchboards in applications that include hospitals, universities and water/wastewater facilities.  Designed to aggregate device data from electronic meters, and Eaton’s Power Xpert Release™ trip units. 


  • Designed specifically for industrial environments, the compact design that only requires convection cooling
  • Stringent EMI design requirements helps to ensure functionality in the most difficult EMI situations, delivering high reliability
  • Mounting options are provided for panel mounting or DIN rail, allows installation flexibility
  • Optional APPs for increased functionality
    • Arcflash Reduction Maintenance System APP provides the ability to control electronic trip units.
    • Setpoints APP provides set point viewing and programming with settings file management.
    • Control APP provides control of circuit breaker trip units to allow open/close and Arcflash Reduction Maintenance Mode activation.
  • Upstream Ethernet data (Modbus TCP, BACNET/IP), allows for cloud connectivity

Switchgear and motor control centre monitoring

Eaton’s Power Xpert Dashboard (PXDB) interacts with low and medium-voltage switchgear assemblies, and motor control centres.  Designed to aggregate device data from electronic meters and trip units, relays and diagnostic sensors.


  • Displays elevation view, one-line diagrams, timeline and documentation
  • Displays highest PPE level or incident energy in the gear, and indicates the breakers that are ARMs enabled
  • Remote notification, analysis and on-board documentation, which dramatically decreases time to find and repair electrical system problems
  • Dynamic coordination, high resistance ground, bus differential, transfer schemes and dynamic arc flash calculations together provide premium protection and control functions for the electrical system

See the PX Dashboard in action

Use Eaton's interactive experience to explore how the Power Xpert Dashboard can help you be efficient and be safe.

Learn about Eaton's Power Xpert Dashboard and how users can monitor, diagnose and control switchgear devices from a safe location outside the arc flash boundary.

Be efficient

The Power Xpert Dashboard is a factory configured system that helps reduce installation and setup time, and overall costs.  This will help you increases your productivity, and reduce manufacturing lead times.



Be connected

The intuitive HMI interface means convenience for the operator, engineer or maintenance personnel.  It helps to decreases time required for troubleshooting and repair, and increased equipment communications helps to improves reliability and efficiency.


Be safe

The Power Xpert Dashboard gives you the ability to remotely monitor assemblies from a safe distance, keeping you out of the arc flash boundary, helping to reduce the risk of injury.