Power Transmission & Distribution Solutions

Transmission and Distribution Solutions

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Smart solutions designed for secure, reliable and efficient power distribution

Today's utilities need to carry a heavier load than ever before, and extreme weather events can threaten reliable delivery. The transmission, substation and distribution grid is also aging, forcing utilities to rely more on smart grid technologies. As we move to a modern digitized grid, new challenges arise inherent to rapidly changing technology and cyber security. And with data and analytics streaming in from data collection devices along the grid, you need to understand how to leverage that intelligence to drive efficiency, reliability and productivity.

Automate, protect and optimize

Power Lines

Eaton offers an industry-leading portfolio of products and services that automate, protect and optimize against the challenging demands of today's electrical grid. From system expertise and planning to world-class solutions, we can help you reduce the length and number of outages and increase the overall reliability of your operation while delivering efficient and safe power.

Delivering higher security with active arc fault protection

To ensure a reliable supply of power to its customers and protect workers at their facility, RWE needed to minimize the potentially devistating risk of arc flash accidents. Eaton's Arcon system was the answer, virtually eliminating the risk of personal injury due to arcing, and minimizing damage to switchgear so it can be returned into service quickly and at minimal expense.




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