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Series C molded case circuit breakers

Experience the superior quality of the Eaton Series C Molded Case Circuit Breaker.  The Series C circuit breaker is ideal for panelboards, switchboards, motor control centers, and busway applications. Choose from a premier selection of trip units including thermal magnetic, electronic, and magnetic only switches. Available for systems up to 600 VAC or 250 VDC with current ratings up to 800A. 

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Arcflash reduction
Instantaneous trip units

Faster than instantaneous

Eaton's electronic trip units are available with Series C molded case circuit breakers. Electronic trip units are designed to meet a broad range of monitoring and protection requirements. Curve shaping, zone selective interlocking, arcflash reduction, diagnostics, and system monitoring and communications are all features available by selecting the appropriate trip unit for the specific requirement.

Core features

  • Patented contact design features high-speed “blow-open” action, resulting in superior performance.
  • A large domestic installed base insures familiarity, and acceptability throughout the U.S.
  • An extensive line of heavy duty external accessories are ideal for harsh and hazardous environments.

    Eaton's Power of Authenticity

    Before your next installation, understand the risks and dangers associated with counterfeit, surplus and reconditioned molded case replacement circuit breakers. At Eaton safety is our highest priority, and we are committed authenticity when a replacement breaker is required.
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