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Commercial vehicle clutches

Eaton is a leading worldwide supplier of medium and heavy-duty clutches to the commercial vehicle industry. Our clutches are unmatched in terms of reliability, durability and performance. We are preferred by most original equipment manufacturers and are unquestionably the best value on the market today. Whether it is an original equipment clutch in a new truck or a genuine Eaton aftermarket clutch, each is backed by Roadranger support.
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430mm push wear through clutch

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Advantage self-adjust clutch

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Angle Spring ECA Clutch

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Clutch installation kits

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Easy Pedal Advantage clutch

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EverTough manual-adjust clutch

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EverTough self-adjust clutch

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Remanufactured Easy Pedal clutch

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Remanufactured Solo self-adjust clutch

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UltraShift DM Clutch

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