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Power of Authenticity

Safety is Eaton’s highest priority – we are committed to the Power of Authenticity when a replacement breaker is required. Only authorized distributors have access to Eaton’s complete line of new, factory direct, fully warranted molded case circuit breakers. 

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Electrical Contractor and Eaton joined up for a webinar on investigation on counterfeit electrical products. You will learn how to quickly identify at-risk and suspect packaging, extraneous marks and labeling, product modifications, and how counterfeit products are sold. Attendees will also learn how today’s technology is being used to help contractors easily detect counterfeits in the market place, along with intuitive digital tools to assist contractors in the field.

Authentic replacement circuit breakers

Eaton’s Power of Authenticity offers competitively priced products right in your local market, backed by Eaton’s extensive list of catalog numbers in stock to meet your individual needs. Put the Power of Authenticity to work for your business and have peace of mind that you are providing and installing safe and reliable product by purchasing through authorized channels.
  • Make safety a priority on your next job

    Molded case circuit breakers are critical to safeguarding people and property. Consistent with our commitment to safety, Eaton strives to help you make well-informed sourcing decisions and avoid unnecessary risks. Eaton does not verify product from non-authorized resellers as being factory direct, and therefore Eaton does not warranty product purchased from these sources. Only an authorized Eaton distributor can provide the Power Of Authenticity.

Eaton's MCCB authentication tool

Eaton’s molded case circuit breaker authentication tool is a web-based application for use with Eaton Series C and Series G molded case circuit breakers. It is intended to provide product specific information and authentication capabilities through a mobile platform.

The risks that counterfeit electrical products pose are threatening to both personal safety and business health. Eaton’s lead in creating awareness and anti-counterfeit technologies and programs is refreshing and will help enhance safety in the electrical industry.

Michael Scherer, General Manager, Scherer Electric

Business beyond the usual

POWEREDGE gives you mobile access to the latest in electrical power management solutions from Eaton. You can review, select and locate electrical products right from your phone or tablet.