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Wheelock RSS strobes

The Wheelock patented RSS strobe appliances provide lower current draw while maintaining outstanding performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness for indoor, wall- or ceiling-mount applications. 

The Wheelock RSS strobes feature a patented integral strobe mounting plate that can be mounted to single-gang, double-gang, 4” square, 100 mm European backboxes or the SHBB surface backbox.  An attractive cover plate is provided for a clean, finished appearance on all models.  Weatherproof, coloured lens, and special lettering models are available.

Wheelock RSS strobes
Wall or Ceiling
Voltage (VDC)
Finish Color
Red or White

Field selectable, multi-candela settings

Wall: 15/30/ 75/110cd or 135/185cd;
Ceiling: 15/30/75/95cd or 115/177cd (round or square)

RSSP strobe plates

Cost effective way to retrofit required wall strobe appliances to bells, horns, chimes, multitones or speakers

Emergency Mass Notification Appliance (EMNA)

  • Combination speaker strobe appliance for fire alarm and mass notification
  • Retrofits colored lens strobe appliances to speakers
  • 1 E70 or ET70 multicandela wall speaker strobe and 1 RSSP colored lens strobe plate (Amber, Blue, Green or Red)
  • Easily mounts to standard 4” backboxes or for surface mount use with Wheelock’s SBL2 surface backbox

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