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Ulusoy URING

Ulusoy URING is a gas insulated ring main unit for the secondary distribution networks. It can be supplied in various different configurations applicable for most switching applications in 24/36kV radial distribution networks. With its compact, and modular type combinations Ulusoy URING provides integrated solutions for most switching applications including secondary power distribution networks, solar and wind farm industry as well as commercial buildings, residential and related construction areas.

Rated Voltage
up to 36kV
Rated Normal Current
up to 630A
Peak Short Circuit Current
up to 52,5kA peak

Core features

Advanced technology design and production

  • Compact and extendable variants fulfill all user demands
  • The frame consists of 3mm thick stainless steel, guaranteeing airtightness
  • High quality raw materials and sourced parts 


Increased operator safety

  • In the unlikely event of an arc flash, the robust structure ensures that personnel stays unharmed
  • Ergonomic front panel
  • A combination of electrical and mechanical interlocks prevents unintended access to the energized sections


Flexible services and spare parts

  • All parts used in the Ulusoy URING series (including epoxy bushings, fuse tubes and silicon caps) are manufactured at Eaton factories
  • Quick response and cost-effective fulfilment of spare part and service requests due to in-house manufacturing

Use easily and safely with its basic interlocking system

Mechanical and electrical interlocks are supported with warning prints and the possibility of any incorrect maneuver in the switch gears and access to energized sections has been completely prevented.

Control panel & mimic diagram

Due to its simple usage, easy and clear mimic diagram, RMU’s have a user friendly interface. Protection, measurement and control elements have been placed ergonomically into the control board.

Safety and operation

During a possible internal arc, dynamic and thermic impacts that may be subject to the operating staff have been completely removed and this situation has been documented by means of the tests carried out by international accredited laboratories.