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Xiria is Eaton’s product family of SF6-free medium voltage switchgear for ring main unit and secondary switchgear applications.

The highly compact switchgear panels are used to control and protect electrical equipment operated by utilities, commercial building owners and operators of distributed renewable generation assets such as solar farms and wind turbines. Xiria requires minimal monitoring and maintenance, resulting in low operating costs.

Rated voltage
up to 24 kV
Rated normal current
630 A
Internal arc classification
AFLR 20 kA - 1s

Core features

Safe in use

  • The position of the switching components is clearly visible through the inspection window at the front
  • Logical mechanical and electrical interlocks prevent incorrect operation


Highly flexible

  • Comprehensive portfolio of panel types that can also be expanded
  • Multiple configurations are possible


Low total cost of ownership

  • Maintenance-free vacuum circuit breakers and load-break switches
  • Primary components and drives are installed inside a hermetically sealed enclosure
  • Significantly lower costs for end-of-life disposal


Environmentally friendly

  • Reduced number of components
  • No SF6 gas is used for switching and isolation

The Xiria product family

Xiria block type

Eaton Xiria 021

The Xiria block-type system combines a high level of operational safety and availability with an environmentally friendly and compact design. An extensive range of options and panel types makes the Xiria block-type system the ideal choice for ring main unit applications up to 24 kV.


Xiria extendable type

Eaton Xiria 061 Xiria E 2 Panels Top Unit
The Xiria extendable type, also known as Xiria E, extends the Xiria product family by adding the option of (future) expansions. Together with the extensive range of functions and panel types, the extendable and compact Xiria MV switchgear panels are suitable for secondary switchgear configurations up to 24 kV.

Xiria metering solutions

Eaton Xiria 020 4 panels
Xiria metering solutions offer maximum flexibility. The air-insulated metering panel integrates seamlessly with the Xiria block-type and Xiria extendable-type panels, with the option to install all instrument transformers inside the cable compartment of a regular Xiria panel. This is ideal wherever floor space is at a premium.

SF6-free switchgear

Using vacuum technology instead of SF6 not only makes Xiria better for the environment, but also minimises maintenance, enhances operational safety, greatly increases the number of safe switching operations, and eliminates expensive end-of-life disposal procedures. Eaton is committed to SF6-free switchgear to protect the environment.

Compact switchgear for maximum flexibility

Xiria offers a high level of operational safety and is suitable for applications up to 24 kV. The Xiria product family was developed on the basis of Eaton's proven vacuum circuit breakers, which require no maintenance and are certified for 30,000 operations. All live parts are single-pole insulated. The materials used provide optimal insulation combined with excellent thermal properties. In addition, the insulation is designed to provide effective control of electric fields in the vicinity of the components to minimise the risk of internal arcing. Xiria houses both the primary components and the switchgear drive in a completely encapsulated enclosure, thereby fully protecting the entire system against environmental effects.
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