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The safe way to connected machines for the digital factory

Making machines IIoT-ready and connecting them with digital factories requires some considerations: data protection and data access controls, IT security, IT networks and the technology behind them, data transfers, remote maintenance and the data collection inside the machine. To cover all these competencies in an integrated systems it is recommended to collaborate with strong partners that are specialists in these technologies.
By pooling their expertise – in digital switchgear and automation systems and IT and communications, respectively – Eaton and T-Systems have created the ideal partnership for the realization of IoT projects and predictive maintenance systems, whether it’s about individual machines or an entire smart factory. 
Making machines IIoT-Ready is the first step in every digitization project. Modularization and distributed intelligence can facilitate the process of data colletion and reduce the amount of data that has to be send to remote data storage for analysis. Creating such "Cyber Physical Systems" and connecting them with each other and later on the complete production systems connected with the smart factory is a future approach to connected machine design.     

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The first Eaton plant is set to become a smart factory

To implement predictive maintenance and operation improvement based on data, the Eaton production facility in Dausenau has been connected to the Eaton IIoT-Service. Our plant managers were won over by the speed of installation and the intuitive operation of the system. This one of the step to fully transformation the plant into a smart factory.

Our goal is the smart factory of the future. We'll  drive integrated process optimizations based on the digitized data, so that we can say: 'The production data is available.' Then we can combine data from production and logistics in order to create additional opportunities throughout the value creation process.

Markus Lindemann, T-Systems

Award-winning IoT solutuions

While developing our offer packages for IoT projects, we placed special emphasis on quick and simple implementation, IT security and the use of standard communications protocols. As a result, the predictive maintenance portal has been set up as a centralized cloud service that operates strictly in accordance with German and European data protection guidelines – with maximum security and redundancy.This is only one of the reasons why Eaton’s cloud service offering was one of the winners of the 2017 Industry 4.0 Innovation Awards, which are handed out each year by Germany’s ETZ magazine.

Products for the digital factory

Safely connecting to the "Predictive Maintenance" Portal and easily analysing your data

The first step when setting up a digitization project is to understand the challenge. Is is about monitoring machine usage and deployment? Do you want to improve machine performance and availability with predictive maintenance or improvements in the machine design? By today capturing and analysing operational data is easier than ever before and can give you a tremendous insight into the key elements of you machine or system. The data can help you to improve your processes, safe costs and increase output. The tools and infrastructure are all available: new or retrofit machines can become IIoT-ready by adding additional components for sensing and measuring and data can be handled securely via different communication or IT-systems.

Start your digitization project by contacting our Eaton support who will develop the right solution for you based on your requirements. Our brochure gives you a first overview about the available products and capabilities. 

The digital NZM circuit breaker
XV300 with screen
easyE4 with display
easyE4 control relay
cloud with screenshot implemented
Predictive Maintenance Portal

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