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Eaton supercapacitor back-up power system

Eaton supercapacitors with UPS for complete back-up power

Eaton supercapacitor back-up power system

Eaton supercapacitors, when deployed in an Eaton UPS, are the ideal option for short back-up times and high temperature environments. Complementing Eaton’s range of mission-critical, back-up power systems, Eaton’s supercapacitors offer more choice, peace of mind and lower costs.

More choice in back-up power, exclusively from Eaton.

Eaton’s range of mission-critical back-up power systems, including the Eaton supercapacitors, is the widest, most economical and most reliable one available. It is manufactured entirely in-house – from the UPS to the supercapacitor modules – by Eaton for your complete peace of mind.

Peace of mind with reliable back-up exactly where you need it.

When protecting loads from the most common power quality problems and black-outs for short periods of time, Eaton supercapacitors are the ideal, reliable option for manufacturing, healthcare, data centre and infrastructure applications. The Eaton supercapacitor back-up power system is ideal for applications where traditional battery-backed systems cannot be used, such as in high-temperature operating environments, since they can withstand temperature ranges from -40 °C to +65 °C.

Lower costs make Eaton the economical alternative.

The unique characteristics of the Eaton supercapacitors make them the most economical alternative for your back-up power system.

They offer:

  • Reduced CAPEX due to longer lifetime, lower infrastructure costs and greater scalability
  • Lower operating costs due to minimal maintenance or spare parts being required
  • Complete peace of mind due to their reliability, quality and seamless, validated integration with Eaton’s UPS products.

The Eaton supercapacitor back-up power system is available for:

Eaton 93PS
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Eaton 93PS UPS
Eaton 93PM
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Eaton 93PM UPS
Power Xpert 9395P
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Power Xpert 9395P UPS