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MPIA Inductor

Eaton‘s MPIA product line is the latest advancement in low profile power magnetics designed to meet automotive electronics highest power density and thermal handling requirements. The MPIA uses an advanced molded construction design for high current handling capabilities, better thermal dissipation characteristics and superior mechanical strength. The MPIA product family is a compact low profile surface mount package and is magnetically shielded for low EMI, has low core loss and good temperature stability over the operating temperature range. The MPIA is AEC-Q200 Automotive Grade compliant products allowing automotive engineers to use them in many applications throughout the vehicle.
High current handling capability
AEC-Q200 compliant
Compact low profile package with low EMI

Eaton advances its low profile inductor offering with MPI(A)25V2

Eaton‘s electronics division introduces MPI25xxV2 (commercial grade) & MPIA25xxV2 (automotive grade), our latest advancement in power magnetics designed to meet automotive electronics power and thermal handling requirements....

Providing the highest power density for automotive future

LEDs have replaced incandescents, the power train and power steering are controlled electronically and hydraulics as a whole are disappearing so much so that modern vehicles are fast becoming ...

Automotive electronic solutions

Circuit protection, power magnetics and supercapacitor electronic components designed for automotive applications.