Fuses and fuse holders
Bussmann series Class CC fuse blocks and holders
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Bussmann series Class CC fuse blocks and holders

Bussmann series Class CC fuses set the standard in Class CC fuse performance in the industry.  Recognized for their superior performance, Bussmann has the right product for your circuit and equipment protection needs.  These branch circuit rated, 600v, 200,000a IR fuses offer exceptional protection in the smallest package of any UL class of fuses. Choose from the ultimate protection provided by our Low Peak LP-CC fuses, the time delay of our FNQ-R's for your control transformer and similar control applications or the fast acting protection of our KTK-R Limitron fuses for specialized circuits such as lighting protection.

Core features

  • Available in 1-, 2- and 3-pole configurations to meet stocking requirements
  • Blocks are fully modular with a snap-together design that provides tool-less assembly of multiple pole blocks at point-of-use to reduce inventory and save assembly time and labor
  • DIN-Rail and panel mount versatility allows one product to be used for multiple applications, lowering inventory cost. Compact footprint consumes minimal panel space
  • Easy circuit identification with available universal marker labels for fuse block covers
  • Optional see-through cover enhances safety with IP20 finger-safe protection, lockout/tagout capability and open circuit indication
  • Terminal options to meet application needs including 1/4” spade quick connect terminals for faster panel assembly
  • Tin-plated bimetallic copper fuse clips deliver superior fatigue resistance compared to traditional spring brass

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