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NEMA Machine tool relays

NEMA machine tool relays include the Freedom 600 V multi-pole (D15), fixed contact industrial control (BF, BFD),  convertible contact industrial control (AR, ARD) and type M, multi-pole with convertible contacts (D26). These relays can be ordered as complete devices in any pole combination up to a maximum of 12NO or 8NC and 4NO poles. They are also designed for use on machines, process lines, conveyors and similar automatic and semi-automatic equipment.

Core features of NEMA Machine tool relays

  • Contact pole terminals have captive, backed-out, self-lifting pressure plates for reduced wiring time
  • Terminals are shrouded or “finger-proofed” to reduce possibility of electrical shock
  • Wide spacing of contacts simplifies installation, contact testing and maintenance
  • Contacts are electrically and mechanically isolated from each other for added safety
  • Surge suppressors mount in contact cavity, limiting high transient voltages resulting from de-energising relay coil, for protection of sensitive instruments and solid-state devices