Medium-voltage motor control systems
Ampgard 7.2 kV arc-resistant medium-voltage motor control
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Ampgard 7.2 kV arc-resistant medium-voltage motor control

Eaton's Ampgard arc-resistant medium-voltage motor starters are designed to safely contain and redirect exhaust gases in the event of an arc flash incident.  Built in an arc-resistant Type 2B enclosure for the strength needed to resist the forces of arc blasts up to 50kA.  Ampgard arc-resistant provides enhanced safety from the front, sides and rear of the enclosure, even with the control doors open.

Voltage Class
7.2 kV
up to 8000 Hp
Main Bus Rating
up to 3000 A

Core features

  • Designed and tested to meet UL® 347
  • Third party tested and verified arc-resistant to IEEE  C37.20.7-2007
  • Outfitted with Eaton’s Type SL vacuum contactors - the industry’s highest interrupting ratings
  • Proven durability with a long-life isolation switch rated for 10,000 mechanical operations
  • Completely front accessible
  • Top-mounted main bus for convenient installation and maintenance
  • Two-high 400 A and one-high 800 A starter configurations
  • Starter types include full voltage non-reversing (FVNR), reduced voltage reactor (RVR), reduced voltage autotransformer (RVAT) and reduced voltage solid state soft starter (RVSS)
  • Available with Eaton EMR series of motor protection relays for comprehensive and safe motor monitoring and starting control

Safer by design.

Unique isolation switch design disconnects the starter from the medium-voltage source in the rear arc chamber instead of the front so that in the event of an arc fault, the pressure produced would be directed toward the back of the equipment for greater safety.

Ampgard, the name motor applications rely on

Eaton has been an industry leader for more than 50 years, providing UL 347 certified medium-voltage control. When it comes to controlling and protecting medium-voltage motors, the Ampgard family is the premier high-performance choice.

Money saving double-bus design

When close-coupling Ampgard starters with medium-voltage drives for synchronous transfer applications the double bus eliminates external cables and associated accessories required to connect motor-select and bypass starters. Material and labour savings can be upwards of $25,000 for a four-motor system.

Remote operator for enhanced safety

The Ampgard Remote Operator (ARO) for the starter isolation switch that, when mounted on the front of the starter, allows personnel to safely open and close the switch from outside the arc flash boundary.

Integrated control gear streamlines multi-configuration line-ups

Compact and economical solution combining Eaton’s Ampgard main breaker and motor starters with the SC9000 medium-voltage drive across a common bus in a single high quality, integrated assembly. Entire assembly is available as arc-resistant.
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