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Aisle containment

Aisle containment ceilings, walls and end of row doors are designed to help maintain optimal operating temperature in server rooms and data centres in order to lower data centre energy demands and save on energy costs.  Eaton offers a wide range of partial and total containment solutions that can accommodate hot aisle containment, cold aisle containment and rack-based heat containment.

Aisle containment ceiling and walls

Eaton aisle containment ceilings, walls and end of row doors, create an efficient and predictable aisle containment solution. 

Aisle containment ceilings with Lexan panels mount easily to the top of Paramount, Vantage S2 and third-party electronic enclosures. The ceilings are available in many sizes and can be nested for easy width adjustments. The panels accommodate multiple types of fire suppression systems with either adjustable modular panels or a static fire-activated system. The rack integrated design also allows for wall systems which connect from the top of the enclosures to the data centre ceiling.

  • All energy used to produce and move cool air is dedicated to cooling IT equipment, maintaining an optimal computing environment 
  • Helps reduce energy from over-cooling by “tuning” air conditioning set points to deliver ideal inlet air temperatures 
  • No tools needed for ceiling brackets, allowing for easy removal of Lexan panels for cleaning, maintenance and cable management access 
  • Lexan strips are cut to size for your specific requirements and can be nested for adjustable widths

End of row doors

End of row doors, available in single-swing, café-style and sliding options, create more efficient contained aisles by blocking obvious escape routes for air and eliminating air re-circulation and air mixing. 

Industry studies indicate that an estimated 60% of the cool air supplied to traditional data centres is wasted because it bypasses the intended IT equipment and returns directly to the hot air intake of the computer room air conditioner (CRAC). Adapting a containment strategy increases the effectiveness of the cold air. End of row doors are easily integrated and are a cost-effective solution to improve efficiency while lowering overall operating costs.

  • Easy to install in the field, rack-integrated and ceiling mount options available 
  • Flexible enough to install almost anywhere on any manufacturer's brand enclosure 
  • Increases cold air intake efficiency, from the bottom of the enclosure to the top, within the cold aisle
  • Cost-effectively minimise air mixing between the hot and cold aisle while keeping the uniform cold air supply in front of the servers for a longer time
  • Five styles of doors available: single-sliding, dual-sliding, café, single-swing and dual-swing
  • Sliding and café doors come standard with a hold-open feature 

Independent containment system (ICS) 

Designed to provide maximum flexibility in all environments, Eaton's independent containment system (ICS), assembled within the footprint of a standard aisle, is constructed with a tubular steel frame that is freestanding and meets seismic NEBS Zone 4 standards.  Used in conjunction with Eaton's end of row doors, aisle containment ceilings and ducts, the self-contained ICS allows complete independence in your data centre.

With its modular, building-block design, the ICS is an ideal solution for co-location and other highly evolving data centre environments that require on-the-spot modifications.

Features and benefits

  • Vertical blanking panels help ensure containment integrity when racks are partially deployed within the row
  • Panels are easily removed in sections to allow quick installation and positioning of new IT racks
  • Works with multiple server or network rack brands in any depth, height and size with on-demand reconfiguration of the row
  • Easily deployed as a cold aisle containment solution with or without a down flow chimney system
  • Modular, building-block design offers complete flexibility and room for growth