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Rack containment

Contain the heat and extract it directly back to the computer room air conditioning (CRAC) unit with Eaton's patented off-set heat containment system (HCS) or our straight telescopic chimney (TC).

To help ensure proper care, control and maintenance of the rack envelope, Eaton also offers airflow managers for switches and network devices as well as enclosure blanking panels.

Heat containment system (HCS)

Eaton’s Heat Containment System (HCS) is a simple, scalable and off-set active and/or passive chimney solution that effectively manages the ever increasing heat loads in today’s data centre.

The HCS contains and directs the heat exhaust of your IT equipment to the top rear of the enclosure where it is ducted to your cooling equipment through plenum ceilings or high air returns. This patented design adapts to your ParamountVantage S2 and several third-party enclosures and integrates seamlessly into your existing cooling infrastructure. 

  • Able to adapt to existing infrastructures to increase rack utilisation as your capacity demands grow
  • Separates hot exhaust air and cold supply air; dramatically increasing the reliability of the data centre
  • Allows hotter air to return directly to the CRACs, increasing their efficiency by operating at a higher Delta T (ΔT)
  • Helps extend existing cooling capacity throughout the data centre; freeing up stranded assets and lowering operational costs
  • Does not require you to alter existing enclosure locations and is also field-installable on third-party enclosures
  • Flexible return duct integrates with the HCS for enclosures that are off grid from drop ceilings, where obstacles preclude the use of chimneys or when uneven ceilings exist throughout the data centre

Telescopic chimney (TC)

The Eaton Telescopic Chimney (TC) is a simple, scalable and straight passive chimney solution that effectively manages the ever increasing heat loads in today’s data centre.

The passive TC system combined with Paramount Enclosure components creates a vertical channel that directs the heat exhaust of IT equipment to your cooling equipment through plenum ceilings. Hot air isolation at the enclosure level allows you to increase rack densities and maximise cooling efficiencies.

  • Stable passive system with no electronic components
  • Retrofit capability with Paramount Enclosures
  • Ease of installation with four fasteners to adjust height
  • Shorter install time
  • Large range of height options for varying ceiling heights
  • Infinite adjustability options within height selection
  • Energy efficient solution maximises cooling capacity by separating hot air exhaust and cool air intake

Airflow solutions for switches and network devices

Eaton offers several solutions for devices with (non) front-to-rear airflow architecture

Cisco 7018 Switch Enclosure

  • Features a specialised airflow containment design that is compliant with the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series switch site preparation guide
  • Includes pre-installed switch brackets
  • Allows the switch assembly to be mounted facing the front or rear of the enclosure
  • Resolves the difficult issue of how to mount a switch with unique airflow requirements
  • Includes integrated cable management
  • Helps eliminate overheating of network racks and other nearby equipment by maintaining front to rear airflow
  • Improves efficiency by preventing cold air from mixing with hot air

Paramount conversion Kits for Cisco Switches

  • Integrated air seal panels to convert side-to-side into front-to-back airflow
  • Vertical lacing bars for managing large bundles of data cables
  • Pre-installed adjustable chassis support brackets for supporting heavy switches

Blanking panels

Blanking panels provide a quick, easy and cost-effective solution to optimise air circulation within an enclosure while maintaining high aesthetics.

  • Significantly reduces re-circulation of hot exhaust air to the equipment inlet
  • Adds to the overall aesthetics of the data centre
  • Wide range of heights from 1U to 22U depending on style
  • EIA-310-D compliant for 19" equipment
  • Available in tool-less, mechanically fastened and cable pass through styles