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XC modular programmable logic controllers (PLCs)
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XC modular programmable logic controllers (PLCs)

Think differently about programmable logic controllers (PLCs)

XC100/200 modular PLCs

The XC100 and XC200 series of modular programmable logic controllers (PLCs) boasts a scalable design that can be integrated in modern communication systems. This high-performance PLC provides parallel backplane bus for faster processing speeds. The series also offers the ability to exchange data with OPC clients via the Ethernet interface and the integrated web server, providing a wide variety of solutions. Compact and modular CPU versions are available.

XC300 modular PLCs

The XC300 series of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) have extensive features such as VISU servers (HTML5) and OPC-UA servers. Integrated CAN and Ethernet interfaces enable the segmented access to the most varied networks while focusing operations by serving as equipment data nodes. PLC performance and communications requirements can be adapted individually to a given system.

XC modular PLCs core features

XC 100/200 modular PLCs

  • On-board 14 I/O points (except XC121)
  • Locally expandable with up to 15 XIOC modules
  • Data storage on SD card
  • Data storage on USB stick (on XC200s)
  • Fibre-optic CANopen interface (on XC-101-FC)
  • On-board RS-232 serial interface
  • On-board CANopen interface (two on XC121)
  • On-board Ethernet (on XC200s)
  • Integrated web server (on XC201-XV and XC202)
  • On-board high-speed counter inputs (XC200s)
  • On-board encoder inputs (XC200s)
  • CANopen, easyNet and Suconet K communications (XC121)
  • CANopen, PROFIBUS DP, easyNet and Suconet K communications (XC100s)
  • Ethernet, CANopen, PROFIBUS DP, easyNet and Suconet K communications (XC200s)

XC 300 modular PLCs

  • Operating system: LINUX
  • Processor: ARM CORTEX A7 Dual Core @ 960 MHz
  • Internal memory: 512 MB RAM / 12 MB FLASH / 12 kB NV-RAM
  • External memory: SD card
  • Programming: CODESYS V3 (PLC and web visualisation)
  • Real-time clock: available (CAP buffered)
  • RUN-/STOP-switch: available

PLC software: XSOFT-CODESYS-2 /-3

When used to implement an efficient HMI PLC combination, the optional CODESYS-based PLC function enables users to develop powerful and comprehensive programming functions in line with the IEC 61131 international standard. XV300 panels can be configured with either XSOFT-CODESYS version 2 or 3.

XC300 modular PLC

Always connected

A powerful and flexible control system, allowing machine and plant builders to achieve a slim and modern automation concept in combination with the compact XN300 I/O slices and innovative XV300 touch panel.

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