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Data center (white space)

Manage your data center from the surface down to consumption. We’ll help you ensure that every piece of equipment, hardware and your applications are performing at optimum levels.

Fine-tune the reliability, efficiency and safety of your data center

Optimizing data centers for peak performance throughout the entire operation is a challenge. You have to constantly assess and ensure that every part of the system functions at the proper levels of reliability, efficiency and safety.

White space solutions that increase efficiency while lowering total cost of ownership

Reduce even the chance of an outage

An outage of just a few seconds can mean catastrophe. That’s why we provide reliable distribution equipment, data center network power systems and uninterruptible power systems (UPS) to ensure a steady flow of high-quality power. 


When setting up a data center, we can also help put a disaster recovery program in place to help you deal with any unexpected emergencies, safeguarding data and your network, so your business can continue operations without missing a beat. And our products deliver higher availability and reliability to accommodate lower power and cooling redundancy for less downtime.

Achieve all-time high efficiency

Our innovative, transformerless UPS design reduces consumed raw materials and lowers freight costs with a substantially smaller footprint. Plus, our Energy Saver System (ESS), part of the Energy Advantage Architecture, is the first in the industry to enable large, three-phase UPS operating in eco- or energy-saving modes to mitigate harmonics, correct power factor and balance loads for increased reliability and efficiency. And, with our Power Xpert Insight software, you can analyze your energy usage patterns, identify energy hogs and realize real energy savings. Our expertise and technology have produced industry-leading products and services that make the most efficient use of your resources – electricity, water, people, process, space and capital.

Safeguard data, equipment and people

Our products are designed to protect all valuable assets and the people who manage and work on them. Because we know safety is critical. To help safeguard data, equipment and your team, we provide diagnostic arc flash studies, retrofit programs and perform safety audits. We’ll also assist in training operators to ensure their safety. What’s more, our predictive diagnostic tools and monitoring equipment can help prevent faults before they even happen.
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