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Server room

Design a server room that supports the powerful functionality of your IT system. We can help you create a plan to meet ever-changing technology demands.

Server rooms designed for the most efficient, responsive IT system

As an IT expert, you anticipate changing technology and business objectives all day long. But what you may not know is how to design and support a flexible server room space that’s built for efficiency and optimized for uptime.

10 tips to safeguard your server room

From choosing a location to determining the right temperature, some tips to keep your server room safe.

Build for efficiency

Our engineers expertly assess your goals and develop a custom power architecture to help you achieve them. High efficiency and scalability means your IT system can grow or contract, giving you the ability to accommodate change efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Avoid downtime

Our plug and play offerings accelerate installation time. Rack PDU installation requires no tools,  simplified cable management systems ensure the right receptacle gets to the right place, airflow management solutions are flexible and because our system solutions integrate with a variety of other IT enclosures, you’ll be up and running when you need to be. 

Design for flexibility with open architecture

Be the quick-change artist you need to be to achieve the agile, fast IT system you demand. From changes in footprint, to energy consumption, to resource utilization, you'll be ready to respond in the shortest of timelines. And an open architecture allows you to integrate into existing cooling, power and distribution equipment to help you monitor and better manage your overall operation.
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