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Network closet

Efficiently leverage the physical space you have for your network closet – even if it was never intended for IT operations. We'll help you organize, protect and manage it.

Turn your network closet into a high-performing IT system

Network closets take all shapes and sizes and each is an important arm of your IT ecosystem. And oftentimes, the challenge is leveraging the space you have, even if it wasn't originally intended for IT equipment. Efficient power and cable management will help you make sure your footprint is being used effectively.

Best practices for your network closet

This white paper will help you to get the most out of your network closet.

Get organized

The right rack can undo the clutter of network cables and clear up a space considerably. In fact, choosing the best rack to place equipment is vital to the overall health and function of your IT infrastructure.

Our racks and supporting cable management products enable you to store, power, manage and cool critical IT equipment. They keep servers, switches and storage equipment safe and secure. And they add an extra layer of security for environments that may store sensitive information like credit card, banking or personnel data.

Protect your IT equipment

A strategically designed network closet helps ensure that your power infrastructure stays protected, so you’re never stuck in the dark. 

We can help you distribute safe, clean power to your IT equipment during outages, surges and voltage problems. And with software that allows for server workload protection, whether moving to available internal servers or to a cloud-based backup recovery site, we can help you can maximize uptime.

Manage your network your way

How you manage your network closet is one of the keys to efficiency, reliability and uptime of your IT operations. We can help you manage your network your way, whether it's remotely or at the rack level.

With our help, you can view your power network and all the equipment attached to it from your remote/virtual machine console, aggregate multiple UPS/power instances, monitor the temperature and humidity of the environment, receive instant access to alerts and initiate a virtual machine move or graceful shutdown in the event of an extended outage.



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