Crush and screen

When extreme environments put pressure on your crushing equipment - equipment that needs to operate non-stop because production rides on your crusher plant - keeping it running, efficiently, reliably and safely is critical.

Combat downtime and increase efficiency

The demands placed on crushers are extreme. They're expected to operate non-stop while withstanding excessive vibration, dust and extreme temperatures. Energy consumption on this heavy-duty equipment is high and frequent lock-out/tag-outs for safety can stress electrical equipment. Machinery is costly and cannot easily be replaced. With your entire production riding on your crusher plant, when a machine stops, production stops and the operation, and profits, come to a grinding halt.

Helping you increase uptime safely and efficiently

Your crusher accounts for the highest energy consumption of your operation and the conveyor is one of the greatest sources of equipment failure onsite. Products and services that are both reliable and increase energy efficiency are critical to your success. Our switchgear, compact E-houses, variable frequency drives and soft starters are optimized to put less wear and tear on equipment controls. In an operation where safety is paramount, we provide the latest in industry-leading technology, including safe earthing mechanisms for lock-out/tag-outs and belt tip switches for conveyor safety.

Keeping mining operations running with lighting as tough as the job itself

See how our Vaporgard LEDs saved Robinson Mine over $1 million in maintenance costs.