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DS/DSII circuit breakers

Eaton's DS/DSII Circuit Breaker is ideal for metal-enclosed low-voltage switchgear assemblies. It’s a fully interchangeable platform, designed for easy access, easy inspection, reliable protection, and minimal maintenance. The zone-selective interlocking design provides positive system coordination without time delays.  Eaton DS/DSII circuit breakers are also equipped with a short time rating, allowing the breaker closest to the fault to trip. Users will appreciate the breaker’s ability to withstand high ratings for maximum selectivity, as well as the built-in safety features that provide optimum operator safety and system security. 

DS/DSII circuit breakers
Interchangeable platforms
System coordination
Zone-selective interlocking

Core features

  • Fully interchangeable so they can be placed into compartments that have the same dimensions and ratings.
  • Above 240 VAC, breakers have a short time rating equal to the instantaneous rating, which provides for better downstream coordination, allowing the breaker closest to the fault to trip.
  • Secondary contacts allow more accessories and easy wiring.
  • Zone selective interlocking provides positive system coordination without time delays.
  • Microprocessor-based true rms sensing for increased accuracy and reliability.
  • Built-in safety features (e.g., dead front faceplate shield, padlocking provision, and electrical lockout for manually-operated breakers) provide optimum operator safety and system security.
  • DE-ION Arc Extinguishers provide superior arc quenching.

Proven technology

Eaton's Types DS and DSL low-voltage air circuit breakers have continually set industry standards for quality, reliability, and extended operating life resulting in the largest installed base of low-voltage power circuit breakers.
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