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STE Encapsulated Hazardous Area Main Breakers

Crouse-Hinds series Class I, Division 2 STE Main Breakers utilize an encapsulated breaker in a TYPE 4X stainless steel enclosure for easy access, increased safety and decreased maintenance costs.  The factory sealed STE main breaker provides overcurrent and short circuit protection for low voltage power, lighting and heat tracing applications in hazardous locations, such as refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, mining, food processing, corrosive and industrial processing facilities.

The STE breaker is fully encapsulated so that sparking or heat are not capable of igniting an explosive atmosphere.  This allows for the use of lightweight enclosures for easy installation.  STE breakers also open in seconds via two quarter-turn screws, versus up to 30+ bolts as with traditional NEMA 7 enclosures.

Fully encapsulated breaker
-40°C certified solution
Ease of Use
Open and closes in seconds

Certifications and compliances

NEC and CEC:

  • Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D
  • Class I, Zone 2
  • Class II, Division 2, Groups F, G
  • Class III
  • UL Standard: UL50E, UL489, UL508, UL121201
  • TYPE 4X

Electrical Ratings

  • 50-60A: Up to 480 VAC, 80-225A: Up to 480Y/277 VAC
  • 3-pole
  • 50, 60, 80, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, 225 amps
  • Auxiliary contacts and Shunt trip option
  • Wire size (line & load side)
    • Size 1: up to 1/O AWG (55.5mm²)
    • Size 2: up to 4/O AWG (107.0mm²)
  • Incoming/outgoing wire 75°C
  • 25kAIC @ 480Y/277 V

Design Features

  • Interlocked design secures the enclosure from being opened when the breaker is in ON position
  • Lockout tagout provides ability to lock the breaker in OFF position
  • Proven reliability from Eaton's Crouse-Hinds tamper-proof encapsulated breakers
  • -40°C certified solution for extreme environments
  • Factory sealed – no external conduit or cable seals required
  • Easy to open and access with a single handle (versus up to 30+ bolts in a traditional enclosure)
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Lightweight design and reduced footprint for easier installation with reduced labor costs
  • Top and bottom gland plates for easy addition of entries


  • Enclosure – 316L stainless steel
  • External handle – nylon
  • Mounting plate – copper-free aluminum
  • Internal hardware – stainless steel
  • Encapsulated breaker – polyamide
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