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Pow-R-Command 2000E master panelboard

Pow-R-Command PRC2000E master panelboard provides Internet-enabled lighting  control and plug load control system. Intended for applications requiring switching and dimming control. Preconfigured web pages allow local and remote programming, monitoring and override control using a standard web browser. Onboard BACnet/IP protocol allows integrating directly with building management systems. Email notification notifies personnel of system alarm conditions.   

Pow-R-Command 2000E
Code compliant
ASHRAE and IECC standards
Integrated design
Branch-circuit protection and lighting control
Leading technology

Core features

  • Designed to meet ASHRAE and IECC energy codes for networked lighting controls systems
  • Provides ON/OFF switching  and 0-10Vdc analog dimming lighting controls
  • Embedded HTML5 web server user interface eliminates the need for software
  • Local programming options include front of controller LCD touchscreen and Ethernet Maintenance Port for connecting  local computer 
  • Ethernet communications provides remote system access
  • BACnet/IP communications for straight-forward integration path to building controls system
  • Email notification of system alarm conditions to facilities personnel
  • Commonly used lighting panelboard mains configurations, sizes, electrical ratings and accessories

Designed to meet mandated energy codes

Meets ASHRAE, IECC and California Title 24 standards for network lighting control systems

See how intelligent, compact and easily scalable architecture helps maximize savings and meet new energy code requirements

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