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LV-Transient-free static switching capacitor

The Eaton LV-transient-free static switched capacitor bank provides next level power system enhancements. This level of protection is ideal for high-current loads that rapidly switch on and off – such as those found in rock crushing, arc-welding, plastic injection molding and crane applications – which are typically vulnerable to power factor issues, voltage flickers, or require sag or harmonic corrections. Eaton’s Transient-free static switching device comes in two models: the FTA model and the FTE model.

A fast transient-free system

The FTA model of Eaton’s Transient-Free statically switched capacitor bank can compensate any load within 1-4 seconds. These models contain three independent control modes – power factor control, voltage control and load sharing – and integrated three-phase network analyzer to measure all power parameters and current harmonics to the 63rd harmonic.

A real-time transient-free system

The FTE model of Eaton’s Transient-Free statically switched capacitor bank includes all the features of the FTA model, but it can be used to compensate extremely rapid loads within one cycle of operation, typically 4-20 milliseconds.
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