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GridServer software

Eaton’s GridServer software helps utilities simplify the integration of their entire fleet of smart sensors, dramatically reducing the number of man-hours required to set up, commission and integrate sensor data into various enterprise applications. Concentrating thousands of sensor connections into a more manageable data set over a service-oriented architecture, GridServer software provides a more simplified and securable data path into a utility’s operations center. GridServer software is one of Eaton's grid automation system solutions.

Yukon GridServer software
Sensor connections
Powerful tools
Secure architecture

Core features

  • Template-based configuration of sensor data points
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop configuration interface
  • Flexible data concentration of thousands of smart sensors
  • Ability to generate event-based emails or SMS text messages

Reduce the learning curve

GridServer Manager client application provides an intuitive, powerful interface to administer GridServer software, reducing the learning curve and helping administrators quickly and easily manage their sensor assets, publication of data, and user access to the system.

Simplify sensor data integration

Reduce complexity by allowing GridServer software to act as a single point of integration to enterprise applications, managing data acquisition and brokering the appropriate points of interest to multiple back office systems for a variety of consumers.

Leverage existing IT infrastructure

GridServer software leverages existing IT infrastructure with Active Directory integration and the ability to generate an event-based email or SMS text message to user-defined distribution lists.

Powerful interface and integration

The solution interfaces to SCADA and OMS using DNP3 Protocol or inter-control center communications protocol (ICCP), as well as supports direct integration to Eaton’s IED Manager Suite.
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