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50 series

50 series photoelectric sensors offer flexibility, durability and high optical performance in a cost effective self-contained package. Choose from four output device modules, four logic function modules, five sensing modes and two types of connection to tailor the sensor to exactly meet your needs. A removable sealed cover allows access to the interchangeable modules.

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55 series

55 series photoelectric sensors are identical to the 50 series except without the interchangeable outputs or logic functions. They offer durability and high optical performance in a cost-effective, self-contained package. The 55 Series features sensors with AC and DC operation in a single unit. A relay option is available on these models that provides a 3 Amp SPDT relay output for high current switching.

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E64 series

The E64 terminal base series offers unique features well suited to a variety of applications including conveyor control. The sensors are available in thru-beam, reflex, polarized reflex and diffuse reflective sensing modes, and offer 1, 2 Amp output current switching capacity. Time delay versions offer built-in control capability with settings for normal operation, on delay, off delay, on-off delay, or one-shot delay.

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E65 series

The E65 miniature series delivers high performance in a compact package. E65 series sensors operate on 10 to 30V DC and can be easily configured for PNP or NPN output and light or dark operation. All models are available in both forward and right-angle viewing styles with the same optical specifications. Fiber optic models include a built-in DIN rail mounting clip. This versatile line includes specialty sensors for detecting clear objects.

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80 series

The 80 series combines the advantages of self-contained packaging with the flexibility of interchangeable sensor heads. 80 series sensors provide high optical performance and are excellent for dirty, dusty, wet, steamy or smoky application environments. All sensor heads, control units, and logic modules are interchangeable.

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20 series

These heavy duty 20 series sensors are designed for use in harsh environments with constant exposure to weather and physical abuse. Large optics provide exceptional sensing ranges including 700 feet (213m) for thru-beam, 75 feet (23m) for reflex and 8 feet (2.4m) for diffuse reflective. Optional logic modules provide integral control functions like time delays, one-shot outputs and stopped motion detection.

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11 series

The 11 series are highly configurable photoelectric sensor. The sensor operates in the reflex sensing mode with a choice of visible or infrared source light. Select one of four different output devices to match your control needs. An optional time delay logic module is also available.

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70 series

The 70 series offers a wide choice of sensor heads, control units, output devices, logic modules, and accessories to solve virtually any problem. Sensor heads are connected by cables to the control unit and can be mounted up to 1000 ft away. They are available in thru-beam, reflex, diffuse reflective, fiber optic, Curtain-of-Light and slot-style optical modes.

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