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Intelligent power starts with accurate, actionable data

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Intelligent power starts with accurate, actionable data

As the world becomes more digital, electrical infrastructure is rapidly evolving and offering new ways to support more integrated, customizable, intelligent, and efficient buildings and processes.

The data provided by these billions of connected devices can be used in commercial and industrial settings to provide new found system visibility and predictive diagnostics that can create fail-safe systems, enabling functionality that was not previously available.

Intelligent power leverages this digital revolution and drives innovation through a combination of smart assets, connectivity, data science, and business models that are creating new interactions.

Download the Intelligent Power - Actionable Data white paper to learn how:

  • Circuit breakers have become the new frontier of intelligent power management
  • Smartphone with traditional safety features is a better way to describe intelligent circuit breakers
  • To deliver higher levels of uptime with better connectivity and remote optimization of system parameters
  • To put into place conditioned-based maintenance – driving costs down
  • To support enhanced safety
  • To create smart and connected equipment
  • To achieve continuous monitoring of circuit breakers and system status
  • To provide sub-metering and load aggregation with a single device
  • To turn an abundance of data into actionable intelligence

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