Replacement Circuit Breakers

Safety is Eaton’s highest priority – we are committed to providing authorized replacement circuit breakers for your systems. 

NEC 2020 added transparency to help better identify and understand equipment history

It's common for electrical professionals to source reconditioned equipment – especially where a project requires a quick turn–around on older equipment. The National Electric Code (NEC) is working to assure proper reconditioning of electrical equipment with the new NEC 2020 code requirements. Learn more about what "reconditioned" means and what you can do now given the new requirements. 


Locate a distributor with authentic breakers

Only authorized distributors have access to Eaton’s complete line of new, factory direct, fully warranted molded case circuit breakers. 

Eaton offers competitively priced products in stock and in your local market, backed by our extensive list of catalog numbers, including a wide variety of circuit breakers.

Put the Power of Authenticity to work for your business and have peace of mind that you are providing and installing safe and reliable product by purchasing through authorized channels.

Find an Eaton authorized distributor near you.

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New NEC Code Discussed on the “DistributED” Podcast

January 2020 brings new National Electric Code changes that include new labeling practices on reconditioned equipment.

Eaton’s Tom Domitrovich, Vice-President of Electrical Sales, and Maralee Williams, Product Manager of Aftermarket Molded Case Circuit Breakers demystify the changes on the "DistributED with tED magazine" podcast.

You can listen to DistributED on all podcast players, including Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast, Podcast +1.

Breaker authenticity resources

Take a look at some of our free resources related to breaker authenticity.

Our most popular replacement breakers

The Eaton Series C and Series G molded case circuit breakers are our best selling replacement breakers.  They  are the authentic solutions when you are looking to replace legacy Cutler Hammer circuit breakers.

Learn more about Eaton's molded case circuit breaker portfolio of products or download our MCCB catalog.

Molded case circuit breaker catalog

Can you tell a counterfeit breaker from the real thing?


Is the circuit breaker you just bought
authentic or counterfeit? 


Learn how to quickly identify at-risk and suspect packaging, extraneous marks and labeling, product modifications, and how counterfeit products are sold.

After watching the pre-recorded webinar (no waiting - watch it now), you will know where to look and what to look for when determining authenticity.

  • Make safety a priority with authentic breakers

    Molded case circuit breakers are critical to safeguarding people and property. Consistent with our commitment to safety, Eaton strives to help you make well-informed sourcing decisions and avoid unnecessary risks. Eaton does not verify product from non-authorized resellers as being factory direct, and therefore Eaton does not warranty product purchased from these sources. Only an authorized Eaton distributor can provide the Power Of Authenticity.

Eaton's MCCB authentication tool

Eaton’s molded case circuit breaker authentication tool is a web-based application for use with Eaton Series C and Series G molded case circuit breakers. It is intended to provide product specific information and authentication capabilities through a mobile platform.

The risks that counterfeit electrical products pose are threatening to both personal safety and business health. Eaton’s lead in creating awareness and anti-counterfeit technologies and programs is refreshing and will help enhance safety in the electrical industry.

Michael Scherer, General Manager, Scherer Electric