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Advanced project manager

For each project, engineers create studies and analyze various what-if scenarios to examine a problem and find the best solution. Having the proper tools which facilitate working with these scenarios and studies is imperative to successful project management.  
Eaton's CYME Advanced Project Manager module is an extensive tool that supports the collaborative and detailed preparation of time-based projects in order to effectively assess multiple scenarios. 

Advanced project manager module


Eaton's CYME Advanced Project Manager module includes:

  • The capability to set up and edit project chronology
  • Network versioning
  • Scenario building
  • Comparator
  • Study repair wizard
  • Study comparison and merge capability

The module offers a multi-level database structure which retains all modifications, making any project sharing and team work easy.

Users can create multiple sub-projects and/or independent scenarios to better structure their projects. A series of modifications can be combined into one single project for better identification, and scenarios can be created for time-based studies.

The detailed information available for each modification facilitates study reviews, and the interface offers user-friendly navigation from scenario to scenario.

Once the scenarios are created, the engineer can perform comparative analysis, or batch studies, or specific analysis at any point in the list of steps (i.e. at any point in time) to help determine which scenario suits the planning need best.

The module can be used in conjunction with Eaton's CYME Techno-Economic Analysis module that adds the capability to manage budget on a multi-year time frame while offering a global view of the technical impacts; all within the same control as the Advanced Project manager module.

Network versioning

This powerful functionality allows the creation of multiple versions of the same network within the same database. The users can activate groups of modifications and create different versions of their network with which they can base their project on. This tool is ideal to create, for example, winter and summer versions of your networks, including modifications to the network topology, loads, capacitor status and much more.

To distinguish one study file from another and to make sure it carries modifications that are still pertinent, the module allows for working with study files very easily.

Study repair wizard

This wizard guides you in resolving any error in applying a modification. Errors in study files due to a change in the base case or the database will emerge as updated and can be corrected using the wizard.

Studies - compare and merge

The module offers a Comparison Mode which allows for comparing two self-contained studies, two scenarios, two specific locations within a study or the current location versus a base case. The Comparison Mode lists the differences between two studies or scenarios in one comprehensive tabular format.

The module is also equipped with the capability to merge selected modifications from different studies into one project.

Easy scenario evaluation for efficient decision making

Once the scenarios are built, the software makes it easy to perform batch analysis and comparative studies to promptly evaluate the benefits and set-backs of each scenario.

Particular analysis such as load flow or short-circuit can be run on any number of cases, at any selected modification, sub-projects, scenarios or see the effect of different simulation parameters on your network.

Reports and charts can be generated for all the cases studied individually. To compare results effectively, indicate the locations to be monitored and the information desired, to illustrate the differences of the scenarios studied.

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