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Steady state analysis with load profiles

In an interconnected power system, tools are needed to help distribution utilities exploit the integration of Automated Meter Reading (AMR), short-term load forecast calibrated by AMR telemetry and energy billing records. 
Eaton's CYME Steady State analysis with load profiles modules assist in performing accurate time range analysis based on a combination of AMR data and historical consumption patterns.

Steady state analysis with load profiles


The module comes with its own user interface and wizard for optimal viewing, editing and importing of load, demand and generation profiles. More specifically, the module:

  • Allows the creation of profiles for measured customer loads. The curves can also represent a typical load such as  metered customers (AMR) or customer types, feeder and meter demands (SCADA) and generators.
  • Facilitates the import of interval (1, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 min) and non-interval (monthly kWh) metered data such as automated meter reading systems, customer billing information systems. This metered data along with load behavior studies data can be used for load flow analysis.
  • Simplifies the creation of profiles by proposing templates for the standard profile types such as the “8760 hour profile” and “day-type” (Typical weekday and weekend)
  • Supports the import of profiles from ASCII format (.csv)
  • Supports various units for the profiles: Average Demand kW, Amps-PF, kW & kVAR, kVA & PF, %, p.u. (by-phase or total)
  • Provides the functionality for the creation, viewing and editing of profiles. The profiles are available in tabular and graphical form
  • Provides a tool to import and synchronize the devices that are kept in the CYME databases
  • Allows the visualization of 2D, 3D and isoline plots
  • Supports the creation of profiles for holidays and special days

Load flow with profiles 

The Steady State Analysis with Load Profiles module includes a Load Flow with Profiles analysis functionality that utilizes the data organized with the module. When running a voltage drop simulation for a specified period, it produces significant information for the system planners about the network conditions.

This analysis allows the users to:

  • Run a single-time load flow analysis as a day-type simulation ( a specified date and time); or at the moment of peak demand or minimum demand, based on the profile’s data
  • Run a load flow analysis as a time-range simulation, where the start and end day and time are specified by the user, as well as the time interval at which the simulation will be run
  • Use historical data to validate the network model
  • Accurately model the loading conditions (load curves) at any moment in time at critical points on the system
  • Identify off-peak overloads and abnormal voltage conditions that often go undetected using typical peak condition system analysis
  • Evaluate actual load using customer consumption curves (billing information) or customer typical load curves
  • Validate device setting adjustments such as voltage regulators, switching capacitors and load tap changers considering load variation over a period of time
  • Confirm the recommended capacitor placement analysis results considering load variation over a period of time.

Charts and reports

Using the load flow with profiles analysis functionality, the user can generate several reports and charts based on monitored device and summary networks results, such as:

  • Network summary: total system losses, peak voltage and peak power
  • Other summary reports: monitored devices, device usage, device energy and network losses
  • Abnormal conditions: overloads and abnormal voltage conditions in duration and percentage of a period, such as the number of hours/days that equipment has been overloaded
  • Tabular reports with customized values for monitored devices
  • Load duration curves for a distribution transformer or any monitored devices displaying the loading of the device in percentage

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