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easySoft software

With easySoft, programming the devices of the ‘easy’ product range is quick and user-friendly. The available functions can be easily integrated into circuit diagrams, so that they can be used as control programs. easySoft provides users with a choice of four programming languages (EDP, LD, FBD, ST), which significantly reduces the need for training. Circuit diagrams can first be tested in simulation mode and then documented later. The option to choose from various function blocks, such as data loggers and alarms, makes programming even more efficient. Projects are protected against unauthorised access by means of multi-level passwords. 

The perfect programming platform:
4 programming languages (EDP, LD, FBD, ST)
Comprehensive function blocks:
Interrupt, data logger, alarm function block
High flexibility:
Creation and modification of circuit diagrams on your PC

Core features

  • Four programming languages: The ‘easy’ programming language (easy device programming, EDP), ladder diagram (LD), function block diagram (FBD), structured text (ST)
  • Interrupt function blocks
  • New function blocks in version 7: data logger (DL), alarm function block (AL), weekly timer (WT), yearly timer (YT)
  • Customised starter images
  • Oscilloscope function (available in online and offline mode)
  • Web server function
  • Automatic conversion of easy500/700/800 projects for use on easyE4 devices

easySoft speaks your language

The latest version of easySoft offers you the choice of four different programming languages. With our proven EDP (easy device programming) language, you can create and modify programs exactly as you’re used to from previous devices of the successful ‘easy’ family. With the ladder diagram (LD), you can create programs based on circuit diagram logic. The function block diagram (FBD) meanwhile provides a quick overview of the various functions. And structured text (ST) is available for seasoned automation professionals. The four programming languages allow beginners as well as advanced programmers to program circuit diagrams in their language of choice.

Online and offline verification of switching operations

The integrated oscilloscope function in easySoft is used to graphically display the selected values. This function can either be used offline in simulation mode or during operation. This makes it possible to directly identify and correct errors in the circuit diagram.

Web editor – a practical and secure feature

The web editor can be used for web-based visualization of the easy4 devices, which makes it possible to display the data on a tablet or smartphone, for example. Access to the displayed values can be restricted by means of an individually adjustable user list. Furthermore, via the easySoft email function, the system can automatically send an email in case of a malfunction.

Flexible designs

The easySoft programming interface is designed to be user-friendly and facilitates the creation of customized display texts, background colors and starter images. It is thus possible, for example, to display your company logo when the easy4 base unit starts up.

Try easySoft free of charge

A non-licensed version of easySoft with extensive functionality is available for download free of charge. This version allows users to try out the software's many features and to experience how easy it is to create a project. Activating all software functions requires the purchase of a license. With easySoft 7, existing programs that were created for the easy series 500/700/800 can simply be converted.

easySoft Tutorials

Helpful videos explaining all features of the software

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